Guidelines for Presenters

For presenters:

E&S will pre-circulate papers at least one week in advance of the meeting. To best engage with the workshop format of the colloquium, we strongly encourage unpublished work. Papers should be chapter-length, no more than 25-30 pages, double-spaced. At the colloquium, the presenter will have about 5 minutes to explain the context of the larger project. During the first hour, faculty and graduate student commentators kick off the discussion (about 30 minutes), and then the group joins in (30-45 minutes), while the presenter listens without comment. The presenter is then free to  join the conversation in the final hour.

For faculty discussants:

Comments should be approximately 10-15 minutes.

For graduate student commentators:

Comments should be no more than 10 minutes, with a focus on highlighting the main points of the argument, raising questions for further discussion, and noting passages or themes for more intensive discussion. Grad students’ comments will be published on the E&S blog, with the addition of a short ‘Afterword’ paragraph summarizing the course of discussion and raising any final questions or comments.