Environments and Societies

Environments & Societies builds cross-disciplinary collaboration in the environmental humanities and humanistic social sciences to undertake the broad rethinking of human-nature interactions that are critical to meeting the environmental challenges of our era.

2016-2017 Colloquium Series

The Environments & Societies Colloquium will meet during the Winter and Spring quarters of 2016-2017. The following scheduled Wednesday workshops will take place from 4-6pm. Each presenter’s work will be pre-circulated for the group’s review and will be available for download by email at least one week prior to each meeting.

Spring 2017

April 5

Writing “true history:” Lyric Restoration in the Poetry of Audre Lorde

Angela Lewandowski, English, UC Davis

Location: 126 Voorhies

April 12

The City is Remaking Human Nature: Human Ecology, Social Control, and the Chicago School of Sociology

Elizabeth Browning, History, UC Davis

Location: 126 Voorhies

April 19

A Transpacific Undercommons: Feminist, Decolonial Materialisms and Atomic Afterlives

Aimee Bahng, English, Dartmouth

Location: 126 Voorhies

April 26

Uneven Sustainable Development: The Cachet and Contradictions of Urban Greening in the San Francisco Bay Area

Miriam Greenberg, Sociology, UC Santa Cruz

Location: 126 Voorhies

May 3

Inventing the Holocene: Climate, Deep Time and Civilization

Fredrik Jonsson, History, University of Chicago

Location: 126 Voorhies

May 10

Eco-Philology: Literary Studies in a Collapsing World

Eric Gidal, English, University of Iowa

Location: 126 Voorhies

May 31

Visions in Western Dirt: America’s Plant Explorers and the Fickle Fruit of Scientific Agriculture

Rebecca Egli, History, UC Davis

Location: 126 Voorhies


Winter 2017

February 1

An Empire of Remedy: Vaccination, Natives, and Narratives in the North American West

Andrew Isenberg, History, Temple University,

Location: 228 Voorhies Hall (DHI Conference Room)

February 8

Fin du Globe: On Decadent Planets

Benjamin Morgan, English, University of Chicago

Location: 126 Voorhies

February 15

Bear Years and Border Making: Indigenous Political Ecology in Colonial North America

Loren Michael Mortimer, History, UC Davis

Location: 126 Voorhies

February 22

Tea and the Culture of Commerce in Eastern India

Arnab Dey, History, SUNY Binghamton

Location: 126 Voorhies

March 1

Building Straight People: Urban Environments and the Infrastructure of Heteronormativity in California’s East Bay, 1920-1941

Cori Knutden, History, UC Davis

Location: 228 Voorhies (DHI Conference Room)